Sweat sweat... Sweat out your pain...

As much as you hate working out, I too used to run miles away from workout, until that one day.
We know anybody suffering with depression find it harder to even getup from bed and do their normal chores. So if you ask them to go and work out. Not only you are making a futile effort but also you will hear from them on what exactly depression does to them and how is stopping them to function normally.I myself have given a dose to my close circle, when asked to step out and do something fun. So ,how I overcame and actually started working out.Hmm, one day, while I was in my office, trying to pretend to everyone around me how engrossed in my work.. But in my mind, I was having million thoughts. Not just thoughts but they were more like negative automatic thoughts, which you have no control over. A little disagreement from your co worker can shake you and feel so low and vulnerable. Anyway, coming to the point, that fateful day, while I was trying to send my status report to my manger,i st…

Gradually ditch your anti depressants...

Scheduling your day can reduce the overhead drastically."An idle mind is devil's workshop"It's one of the age old saying which holds true even these days.
As soon as I get up, I usually plan my day in a journal. So, basically you have a plan to survive the day. I know most of the time it's not easy to simply follow, because in depression, we can't even get up from bed. Trust me, I have been there. I haven't had bath for 10 days continuously or still worse, hasn't left home for a month. That severe, my depression was.
If your depression is worse as mine, first thing take the help of your psychiatrist. But along with the medication, voluntarily try some self help steps because medication can't help you like long. Once your body gets accustomed to sedatives, you would want to push yourself to higher dose and so on and so on.....CG

This is what Yoga has done to me !!

And i started practicing Yoga

Yoga has benefited me in a lot of ways.I can quickly state the changes ,i can see in myself,after doing yoga for some 6 months.Let me remind you, that i do only 20 minutes of Yoga with no physical exercise.

I don't yell at anyone so easily.If you would had met me some years ago,simplest of things had the power to control me.Now,its changed.In what way,I don't know.You start to experience the truth.
And begin to accept the reality.May be Yoga realigns your Life energies .

Sometimes,when i was so down,I used to sit meditate for straight 1 hour .After 1 hour,the pain subsides a bit.I am not promising things will be easy.But Yoga is worth the try.

Why i went to Yoga.Because I no longer wanted to survive on anti depressants.


Its getting tough !

Past few weeks have been very tough for me,personally.
I have put on weight a lot.Plus have a lot of complications ,due to being overweight.
And that too worst complications.Shortness of Breath and palpitations due to anti depressants and PCOS.

Man,i was never like this before.I was so full of life and energy.I used to do many stuffs .I was so full of love and still feel i am.But i am always being misunderstood.Sometimes,i keep wondering,i have so much love to give to the world and there's no one to receive it.

The worst time was,when i was so sick and feverish and i couldn't even be with myself.
Those days were very very hard for me.That day i realized,how much i am petrified to be with myself.

And the misery don't seem to end!

My husband and 1 have seperated,as he couldnt bear being with me.I know,we both were never in good terms. and we both kind of wanted it to happen in the course of time.Guess what,It did happen.

This phase has been a very tough phase to me personally.Yes,i am on the rock bottom of my life.

One thing i want to say my readers is that,never do something because someone said you or someone whom you consider your family said you.Because at moments of distress,nobody will be there for you.These moments of agaony,despair,hopelessness,suffering,isolation,shame,worthlessness...all negative emotions haunt ,destroy you.If you still manage to come strong,on the other side of this drama,Then yes,you are a winner and welcome back to Life..

Action 2: Write your wishlist for this year

Come up with a wish list for the year 2018.
Make 11 wishes for each month.Publish here in comments.I will also publish my Bucket list for this year but,not all at once .But i will start publishing,what is my action plan for the month.

So this month,I have a lot of backlogs,which have been pending for over almost a year.
This month,i have to clear one of my certification exam,which is due almost a year.


Action 1 : Make this your homescreen on mobile or your laptop

I came across this looks something like this:

So basically the idea is you,have to write the number of days left for your major event..Lets say, for me it would be years to live.You know in Asian countries ,the average life span is close to 60-70.And in my family,all have close to 65.So with that calculation,i have 35 years left.So lets do the math
35*12*30=12600 days.

So my home screen will have 12600 days,as of today ;).Reminding yourself of the mortality,is one of the best way that,your suffering is only for limited time,or on brighter note,You only have this number of days to rejoice and live.

Life's never easy or it will be,so try changing your approach.

Hope this helps,anyone out there reading.